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Nancy S., MD, DC

The profundity of HCT has not only deeply shifted my clinical approach, but the very essence of my own life and the ripple continues to touch everyone I know.

Larry W., PhD

As a clinical psychologist of 30 years, I have rarely experienced an analytical therapeutic approach that is more penetrating, thoughtful, and loving. HCT cuts straight to the core and allows the client to work through their process with self-acceptance and no judgment. The results are astounding.

Henry F. Kenkel, MD, Psychiatrist, Neurologist, Medical Acupuncturist, Cincinnati, Ohio

Heart Centered Therapy (HCT) is an elegant therapeutic approach integrating psychological, emotional and physical aspects of clients and practitioners.

The level 1 workshop is beautifully organized and facilitated, creating a safe and lovingly supportive environment. Participants can anticipate profound healing experiences while becoming empowered to employ HCT in their clinical practices and in their own evolving Healing process.


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