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David W. Asher, DO

Thank you for the great brain course at AZCOM in January. To say it has changed my practice would be an understatement. My results are much different, and the efficacy of all my other methods is greater. I very much appreciate your contribution to my ongoing education.

We (globally, as osteopaths) are very thankful for your contribution to the body of knowledge we employ in caring for hurting people everyday. Personally, I feel as if my ability to help people has been enhanced by a quantum step/level, a "quantum leap", if you will.

Usha Kanithi, PT

I was speechless! I almost fell off the chair when I touched Pat’s head! I think I need to take up to Brain 14 to understand what you (Bruno Chikly) did with her. I think you stole someone else’s brain and put it in her.

Pat’s brain was supple, there was a ton of fluid in it, all the cells are moving, ALIVE, and there was no conflict in it. Part of the left brain had a lot of "conflict" before. When I sink my fingers into the cortex, there was a give. During the first session after yours, even mere intent was moving the brain. I AM NOT EXAGGERATING!

I told my staff that I am giving up my practice, family and everything and apprentice with Bruno to learn to be able to treat like that, or I will have to live up to 120 years!!

Mark Rosen, DO

Quotes from Mark Rosen, DO, 2007-2009 President of the Osteopathic Cranial Academy (USA):

"I want to personally thank you for your directorship of the recent Brain, Parenchyma, Nuclei and Fluid Course. This is great material…and a fantastic course.

 The application of osteopathic principles to the functional anatomy of the brain provides an incredibly important contribution to our profession.

I personally learned a tremendous amount. The complexity and relevance of this course will challenge me to continually apply this material in my daily practice.

 Your contribution to The cranial Academy curriculum is greatly appreciated. We look forward to continued collaboration. We are grateful for your insights and abilities.

 A Heartfelt thanks"

Mel Friedman, DO, Director of the Cranial Academy, USA

Quotes from Mel Friedmann, DO, 2010-2012 President of the Osteopathic Cranial Academy (USA):

"Dearest Bruno,

I just wanted to write and tell you again that your class in Phoenix was outstanding, and I got even more this time than last year.

As the Academy is growing, mostly through its commitment to great course offerings, to me, you represent among the best educators we have. Your courses are outstanding, fun and informative, and provide a relevance as well as freshness most other courses do not.

I hope we can continue a mutually good and working relationship between the Academy and you in the future. We all have much to learn from you."


I just attended a CME program that I consider to be one of the top few educational experiences of my 30 years as an osteopathic physician. This program "Brain, Parenchyma, Nuclei and Fluid" taught by Bruno Chikly, MD, DO was offered by the Cranial Academy and your [AZCOM] OMM Department.


Fred L. Mitchell, Jr

Your  lecture and workshop were splendid…For the first time the brain component of the Primary Respiratory Mechanism was addressed as palpable structures…I was convinced that I actually felt the lateral ventricles change their orientation in your workshop.

I was amazed how quickly you located the infarction in my right temporal lobe without even knowing my stroke history.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with us.




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